– Online and In Person –


Connect with your inner strengths and cultivate positive potentials.

Develop your natural capacities for mindfulness and self-compassion.

Clarify your life values and move in a more meaningful direction.

Release limiting patterns of habitual behaviour and dissolve unhelpful attitudes.

Develop skills for navigating life’s ups and downs and weathering emotional storms.

Resolve conflicts, both inner and relational.

Essentially, therapy is about helping positive change to happen. The therapeutic process is unique to each person and might involve a blend of respectful empathic listening, learning new skills, facilitated discovery, mindfulness practice, and creative dialogue.

As well as supporting both personal and transpersonal development, decades of research have gathered very strong evidence that psychotherapy can significantly help people with problems related to anxiety, low mood, depression, post-traumatic stress, anger and relationships.

Gareth is based on the border between Staffordshire and Cheshire. He currently offers sessions at The Hope Street Centre in Sandbach, at Wild and Wild in Congleton, and at his home in Mow Cop. He is also available for online therapy.