Healing does not always equal cure

Healing does not always equal cure

Healing requires letting go what is familiar and stepping into the unknown. Healing may mean challenging belief systems and daring to break taboos.” – Rudolph Ballentine, Radical Healing (pg.15)

Healing is not equivalent to a cure. We might not recover from a physical condition but healing may still take place. I, for example, have something that Western medicine calls tinnitus – a continual ringing/hissing noise, resulting from over­exposure to very loud music. For some reason, human bodies do not regenerate the tiny hairs in the inner ear that, when broken, give rise to the nonstop signal. Currently our allopathic medicine has no means for curing the condition. Though the signal from the broken hairs remains constant, it has been my experience that the perception of it is very variable. One can be at peace with tinnitus or one can be plagued by it. One can even be enriched by it; by a journey through despair and regret to acceptance and compassion. This journey is a process of healing.

In my experience this journey is ongoing. It may seem at moments, even a prolonged moment, the ‘job is done’ and I am healed. Some time later something happens and a painful reaction is re­triggered. Thus the journey appears to be ongoing, sometimes as though I’m just going round and round in circles: same problems, same issues. Yet new ground is gradually gained, therefore it’s more of a spiral: round and round, and a little further each time.

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